Those pictures from Snakes and Lattes

in #board3 years ago

A couple of days back I was talking about a really great Board game cafe' that I recently found out about in Canada called "Snakes and Lattes." I was too tired then to post any pictures or write much about it, but as for tonight, this is exactly what I'm going to do.

We went to three different locations and they were all big and they all had someone teach us games that had a higher level of complexity as well. Defiantly a great place to go if you love board games!

Along with their huge selection of games available to play for a small fee, there was great food and people willing to teach you games called the "game gurus." We ended up even learning the really detailed game "Scythe," which was a huge surprise due to it's complexity. Great times in Canada for sure!


It was so fun!,💜