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Eventhough I am not a professional photographer but I tried my best to capture the moment.

I have so many pigeons living in the. rooftop.I visit them.sometimes.One time,I suddenly open the.window and the bird flew away then I took my mobile phone and shot! Bulls eye!I got its wings opened and fly away freely.

Thank you @benedict08 for your nomination.and I nomimate @cdaveboyles23 to join me here.

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@surpassinggoogle be strong and God bless

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Thank you so much.

Loving you.
Nanay Deevi

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Wow! This recommended for #up-gage of @zephalexia

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Thank dear sister,how are you now?

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nay kaganda nang pagka capture mo sa pigeon, love it!

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Salamat Mary!

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nice photo nay deevi:)


Salamat jejeje

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