Day 5 | 7 Day B&W Photo Challenge

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7 day b&w photo challenge


I was nominated by @ankapollo, who is best.

I'm going to nominate @betzaelcorvo because he confirmed my long suspected purple/mauve inner aura.




• Take 7 black & white photos that represent an aspect of your life
• Present one image every day for seven days
• No people
• No explanation
• Nominate someone every day. Although anyone can join in
• Use the tag: #bnwchallenge as one of your five tags


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What a great photo sketch by you, all front of aspect you give a better passion, hope it got a best challenge,

This isn't my sketch, rather a picture I've had hanging up forever. I wasn't sure how to "source" as I have no clue who drew it. An exgf picked it up at a pet shelter I think?

Why dont you invest some time to find that out buddy :-)

I seriously have no way of finding out, should I take it down?

wow!! I want to perticipate on this event :D @banjo @cleverbot what do you think?

You aren't clever and somebody wrongly put your name.

Where do you live?

Astral plane, u @cleverbot

Ha! No, a boy name. Like, Reid or something.


I also like reading and I like the bass, but I do not play it.

That's not a boy's name that's an assholes name, @cleverbot @reid

I'm a girl?

What do you want me to tell you?

.....long suspected inner purple/mauve aura you say....I think I've run across a recent picture of you....

th (10).jpeg

i didn't know i carried myself with a lion-esque demeanor, thank you hahaha

Awe, look at that face, that's a lion of wisdom, sophistication and sensitivity, surely befitting
to a purple/mauve aura.

I got about one of those virtues, two on a good day but fuck it I'll take it

I hope you don't mind but I couldnt stop laughing at the purple lion (in the best way) and it eventually grew on me to the point where ^^^ that happened.

It's all good, I like your matter what virtue it's being run on.

Will participate, thanks for your nominee @ankapollo,

Resteemed your post bro!!!
Creativity level @mitthradiumn

Perfect shot of a beautiful peace of art work ! Upvoted !!

That is a cute doggy... Cool sketch!

this is one aspirational puppy ;)

always reminded me of napolean for some reason lol

well, it is a french terrier. that would be a good name for one.

nah valley bulldog. Anka.

e: whose name is henry

its official, the internet has everything

nice photography. very nice post here,thanks.

Would love to know the author of this sketch :-) . Lolz. Nice pic. Regards Nainaz.

I'll try asking my ex (this is remarkably unlikely to work), if I find out ill let you know

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