Day 3 | 7 Day B&W Photo Challenge


7 day b&w photo challenge

I was nominated by @bromius. He is the god of wine, and not no fuckin’ Merlot.

I nominate @luzfermin. I couldn't read what she said on the last night's post, so hopefully I'm doing this right.


• Take 7 black & white photos that represent an aspect of your life
• Present one image every day for seven days
• No people
• No explanation
• Nominate someone every day. Although anyone can join in
• Use the tag: #wchallenge as one of your five tags


Excellent challenge, but I see the photo of the injection and it is inevitable to think about drugs

The injection. What does it signify here?

its so beautiful BnW photo keep it up

Thanks Cristi, I appreciate it

I am really digging these man!

much appreciated!

I'd be worried if you ever managed to get flashbak on a call before

I was going more for a *heh but hey if you think it's that much ovf a dunk

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