14 errors in the BMW car

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Because of these flaws, at least partial control can be run in the hands of hackers when using affected vehicles.

Researchers identified ways to violate the safety of cars by adding infected USB stick. This security violation is possible only through USB media, such as USB stick, bluetooth and own own 3G / 4G data links, according to the BBC report.

BMW has been told to work on solving these flaws.

The company's customers have been advised to look at software updates and other steps taken by the German firm in the months ahead.

Kin lab under Chinese technology Giant Tencent started their research in January of 2017. After more than a year, they revealed the information obtained by BMW Car.

Photo - KIN Lab Photo - The KIN Lab Research Institute said that most of the errors were found in three parts of the car. These components are: Internet-enabled infotainment system, telematics control unit and central gateway module.
Researchers will not publish the full results of their research until 2019 to give BMW more time to resolve these errors. They said, "Technically speaking, this attack is possible hundreds of meters away, even when the car is in driving mode."

Some of the BMW cars have been reported to have these flaws. There are at least i, x, 3, 5 and 7 series models.

BMW spokesman said, "We are working closely with Tencent to identify and understand any cyber security flaws." By acknowledging all the errors, the organization has given the KIN Lab this week the IT Research Award for their work.

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