Day 12 on Blurt!

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Today is my 12th day on Blurt and I think I must share my initial views about this platform.


About 12 days back Blurt Witness @ZahidSun messaged me and introduced me to Blurt. He said that Blurt is a new platform and it needs curators and people who write quality content.

I straight away visited Blurt.World and I started doing my search about who has built this platform and what it is all about.

What is Blurt?

Well, Blurt is a blockchain-based social media site where you can blog about any topic and earn crypto rewards.

Blurt is a fork of Steem so anyone who had a Steem account on Steem before July 2020 also has an account on Blurt.

Who created Blurt?

The man behind the Blurt is @megadrive founder of SocialGraph Foundation and he also runs a few projects such as Dlease, MinnowBooster, and many more.

You can read all about @MegaDrive's initiatives in his introduction post here:

@jacobgadikian and @baabeetaa are the co-founders of Blurt SocialGraph Foundation and @ericet does most of the maintenance on the site.

Update: I learned recently that the whole idea of Blurt was @birdinc's and he brought the team together. I guess he is happy with the progress of Blurt!


The moment I saw who was running the show I was impressed and I joined the platform.

My current stats

Over the last 12 days, I have written 10 posts and made 100 comments. I always try to make more comments than my posts because I want to interact with the people around here and get to know them, listen to their stories, and create genuine friendship.

As of today, I have 1325 Blurt Power and that is not a lot. My votes are still just $0.00 and I have read somewhere that it takes at least 2500 BP to be able to give out some reward.

What do I like about Blurt?

The platform is still new and not many people are active on it.

No Downvote Button

One thing that I love is that there are no downvotes on Blurt. Unlike Hive and Steem there is no downvote button and this is to prevent the flag wars, downvote wars that are very common on Steem.

Another thing that I like is that the Dev Team is always active on Blurt and the Blurt Discord server. They always try to answer all the queries and this creates trust among the newbies.

What do I dislike about Blurt?

There is not much to dislike on Blurt except that Blurt logo which looks as if it is swearing at us. I have urged and I invite designers to design a cuter version of the Blurt logo.

My Future Plans:

If you have known me from Whaleshares then you would know that I love doing shows and I use to run a Book show on the Altruistic Whaleshares discord channel and I use to participate in all the shows that happened on that platform.

So, I would love to start a show of my own for Blurt and build a close community of like-minded people who want to promote Blurt.


So, this was my 11th post and everything that I have experienced here. I hope this platform becomes bigger and I hope we all will get success in our lives.

Imran Soudagar

P.S: Thanks to all the curators for curating amazing content. Special thanks to @blurtlife, @ecoblurt, @blurtfrica, @blurtcn, @helloblurt, @blurtchef, @blurthealth and @blurtwomen.

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