Substack shadow bans its users for political reasons

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I have various subscriptions I get by email from certain authors in substack that are not politically correct and I came across something interesting in this censorship game.

I thought substack would be a great place to start blogging but when this type of stuff happens, why bother support it?


It appears that this blog is under attack by way of Substack’s control over how everything runs here. Now I think I know exactly what THEY were the most upset about. Since the last post they have fixed it where, at least when I look at it, the welcome page that lists my most popular entries flashes by in an instant and goes directly to the chronological listing.

That means the two 88/ Lahaina/Oprah pieces, in particular, are now buried down in the listings instead of being on the very top of the popularity listings people would see if they didn’t just flash by. Those pieces plus my last post are my most liked pieces to date. Those pieces are what triggered this apparently. Could it be this? I called this a Phoenix ritual representation of the headwound of The Beast of Revelations, in the 88/Lahaina post.


What in turn is happening is that substack is altering notifications and emails for the subscribers. So that they miss out on new publications from their favorite authors. So now the subscribers would be forced to take extra unnecessary steps to just get access which defeats the purpose of the original design of substack.

When one subscribes to an author, they get emails as they come published. But since substackbis altering purposely their subscriptions for political reasons, to hold narratives.... well lets just say it won't end well long term for substack if they keep this up.

Censorship is never a good financial move and this type of censorship will cause people to leave their platform. Which is probably what they want anyways but what gets left behind is a dull grey echo chamber.

Take our sister chain Hive for example.

How many left that pro censorship dystopia cesspool for Blurt?

But Blurt is not that far from it. Sure it doesn't have the downvote, but most of the front ends excluding has a biased mute functionality. The comment section IS PUBLIC SPACE. To mute someone woumd be to not see who you are muting. That is fine. You can shut your own eyes if you want. But the way it is set up in, beblurt,, and every single one in this list has the mute function to not only shield your eyes but of those who visit the public space of your publication. Which is immoral. Just because someone provides a tool forncensorshiping others doesn't mean it should be used. There is a better option.


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