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Dear fellow members of Blurt! It's been far too long since I've made a post. So, before I go any further, I'd like to thank all of you who have supported me over the years and especially those who continue to do so. A special thank you to @primeradue for coming over to Blurt in recent months, powering up nearly six million Blurt and voting for my roll as a Blurt Witness. Much appreciation.


Over the past year my attention has gone to another business/hobby of mine, and that was the cannabis industry in Thailand. Well, I've built and sold a company in about a year and I'm very pleased with my efforts. However during this period, I've had almost no time for Blurt other than taking on a business consulting roll in the witness chat on Discord.

That being said. I can tell you that Blurt lacks leadership, but it is improving. The founders of the platform, are just that. They never committed to building a business; they just used their tech skills to spawn a "no down vote" fork of Steemit. Over the past year their lack of activity, communication, time and effort building and growing the platform demonstrates this, and it that is totally okay.

@megadrive still participates and plays a very important roll while dealing with hardships in his personal life that severely limit his time and commitment. It's totally understandable as he does not "own" Blurt, and Blurt does not "own" him . Any attention and upgrades he can bring to Blurt are greatly appreciated.

That being said their is room for new witnesses to join the top twenty. There is room for new leadership to step up, assist, propel and speed up Blurts inevitable massive growth.


Some of you may have noticed I've powered down half of my 800,000 blurt holdings (recently re-power most up). This was done, BEFORE the logo was upgraded and the recent hardfork was initiated.

Unfortunately I watched most of the the summer months go by, with little to no productivity coming out of almost everyone except a few select witnesses. There was a lot of talk but no action.

So I let everyone in the witness chat know I'll be powering down and capping the price if words do not turn into action soon. What do you know, suddenly we have a new logo, and a hard-fork coming which will be of great benefit to the platform.


After a year of following and participating in the witness chat there are some stand out members that pull there own weight and much more.

If you are not sure who to vote for here is a list of Blurt Witnesses who have value and bring something to the party. @saboin (original tech) @megadrive (tech/founder) @khrom (polish community rep) @outofthematrix (team player/ major curator/ successful business consultant) @kentzz (tech), @nalexadre (tech/business/team player/smart/mature/experienced professional) @freakeao (tech/blurt.latam) @randula (PR/team player).

What all of these witnesses have in common is that NONE of them bring a service to self attitude to the table...not one. These people want to see others do well knowing that is the only way for the platform to succeed. Most others have demonstrated nothing at all, or the complete opposite.

So, the state of the Blurt is improving and we need more qualified witnesses to join the ranks. There are clear openings for some talented people to pop right into the top twenty and start making a difference.

If you feel like you are that person. Please leave a note in the comments and we'll have one of our tech specialists help you out setting up a server to join witness ranks and strengthen the Blurt Blockchain!

Major Announcement

I personally will do my own Blurt delegation referral program. Anyone who Influences live accounts on Hive and Steemit to purchase Blurt, power it up, and start blogging on the Blurt Blockchain will be handsomely rewarded.

Upon these accounts reaching out to me on this post, and mentioning who did the referring; I will delegate 50% of the total amount purchased and powered up to the new blurt member, and 50% to who referred them for one month up to 200,000 Blurt total (100,000 each).


In conclusion, Blurt is slowly taking shape into an organized and viable operation loaded with opportunity for those who have something to offer. If that sounds like you, reach out to me in this post and we can all grow Blurt together!


Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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