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Hey there friends on Blurt and beyond! I'm coming to you from a Blurt top twenty witness position and I'm very pleased to announce that some serious improvements been made to the @blurtbooster curation account which currently votes with more than a whopping 40 million blurt power!

Until now, this account has been computer programed to scan the platform for new content to up-vote with given criteria. The algorithm has been changed several times in a "cat and mouse" game to combat people trying to scam the system.

Even posts from nefarious characters here have been published explaining to others exactly how to game the blurt booster bot, like copy past a bunch of mumble jumble words, then google translate it into three different languages and copy past that in the "bot" reads it as a huge effort 3,000 word post and congratulations, you just scammed several hundred blurt out of the system and given it to yourself.

It's become a real problem, and the bots keep failing us over and over. So with limited time and resources the Blurt team have come up with what we believe to be a final solution. Let me introduce...

The Blurt Booster Singularity

Like Ray Kurzweil's heavily debated concept of the singularity, basically a merger of man and machine; I @world-travel-pro am syncing up with the Blurt Booster Bot to give it a well needed human touch. In fact, I invite all of you help aid me in my Blurt Booster Singularity Adventure!

The best part of this man machine interlink is that there is absolutely no anal probing or chip implantation what so ever! Woo hoo! All that needs to be done is to create an ever growing list of people that are human too, like you and I. By that I mean human with a human moral compass that still functions, at least most the time ;) So.....

Help Me Help You

Lets make this list together. There is just no way to have eveyone on my radar that belongs on this list. to get on the list the criteria is super easy. Just show me an account that has been active posting for over a month and they do NOT use Blurt in some weird and scammy way which will be determined by yours truly! Also, brownie points if the account is very social with commenting and more.

Lets start making this list right now in the comments section and lets boost up some amazing Blurters!

Note to viewers on Hive and Steemit: If you joined steemit before the Blurt hardfork from two + years ago, you already have a Blurt account and can start posting and earning on Blurt too! Just use your steemit keys to log in at


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