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Present State

Steem, Blurt and Hive look approximately like this, architecturally speaking.

Optic Vs Today.png

Future State

Blurt will look like this soon, architecturally-speaking:

Optic Vs Today (1).png


  • Replaces Condenser
  • Jamstack Compliant
  • Endlessly Scalable
  • Easier to set up and configure
  • Compatible with graphene, V-Systems, and cosmos-sdk API interfaces

Optic will push the majority of computation into the browser where it belongs. The role of the image proxy, will even be handled in the browser.

Optic will give blurt a totally modern new look and feel, and improve Blurt's scores on Google's page load metrics, increasing its PageRank.

Blurt users will see their content in front of more people, faster, because we're leaving condenser behind.

Hey I once heard that BTFS is a drop-in replacement for IPFS @justinsuntron



I'm not sure about the terminology for web systems, but I understand a little. Thanks.

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