Blurt Roundup of Updates

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Once Again, this is largely copy/paste of my words from the Blurt Discord

Tomorrow, I'm going to do a post on fundraising for Blurt the company

Blurt App Wireframe


Basically thinking that we should be able to pull off a 2-screen mobile app in flutter either by launch time or shortly thereafter.
I am trying to implement @birdinc 's thoughts here: it's instagram-style

Photos (though they are not required the UI will encourage them) + text posts in markdown.

MVP/launch version may have user actually need to know markdown syntax but later versions will hide that from the user.

Depending on progress with the API, this app may speak to either Brest (Brest is a better name than brpc really) or to the websocket of doom.

@john.dao has offered to have one of his staff members professionally mock up the app using figma/sketch so that people can see and comment on it.

Evotek is @john.dao 's company, and he has set me up with office space. I have also been discussing working with evotek to develop the flutter app.

Evotek will likely run a Blurt Producer, as well.


The mobile app has two pieces:

  1. logic or "mobile back end" -- this talks to the Brest API and signs transactions. Initially it will only talk to the Blurt chain, but you can expect it to support others, as well. The app logic/back end/tx singing stuff will all be open source.

  2. View layer (basically what I just showed you) will be proprietary and developed via blurt the company.
    We wanted to ensure that blurt the company had assets and a revenue stream, so open sourcing the view did not seem to make sense.

However, the "mobile back end" may deal with user funds and so must be open source.
The other reason the mobile back end should be open source is that it is a public good. Building crypto currency mobile apps is still too hard. I hope to see the "mobile back end" support:

  • Steem, hive, whaleshares, blurt (via srest, hrest, wrest, Brest)
  • V Systems (already has simple swagger rest API)
  • Stellar
  • Bitcoin
  • Cosmos the chain and cosmos sdk chains
  • Ethereum
  • Tezos

This way there is a framework that anyone can slap a view on, and compose multi-chain applications.
Want to make it easy for a small team to put one of these apps together and ship fast.

I will be talking to these projects respective "blockchain foundations" about grant money for platform support in the "mobile back end".

Eg: EF, Tezos Foundation, Interchain Foundation, V Sytems (vsys does not have a foundation, it is coordinated by a private for profit company, and I'll be talking to them)

if you want to help Blurt

I am honestly out of hours in the day, and going as fast as I can.

The same is true for everyone working on Blurt-- @birdinc @stalker-loki and our blockchain developer and @crypto-hippy and @thecryptodrive .

Most of us including me have "day jobs" and consulting engagements, as well.

If you "get" what I am talking about and can take my words and put them into a good software diagram that shows what the mobile back end /app framework component does, that's awesome.

I would use that in the foundation funding applications.

Yes, this kind of thing is how you get a job at blurt the company or become a blurt producer or somesuch.


Git is awesome, and it makes your work eternal. If you want to work on something for Blurt, and maybe we do not yet have a GitLab repo for it, please ask, and we will create one.

If we do not reply, it's not that we aren't interested, it's that we missed your message. Please ask again.

If you are building code for Blurt, please ensure that you're using GitLab CI to the greatest extent possible, as it provides excellent feedback and saves a ton of time.


Definitely the passion as you describe the project makes it very interesting and when one is moved by something that has a future it is much better.

I regret not knowing anything about programming.

But I think about the accounting aspect of that development. to manage everything related to it.

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