Blurt RFC-001: Steemit, inc Stake

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There is some controversy on the inclusion of the Stinc stake on blurt.

I am formally requesting comments on this matter.

Thank you


I don't understand the item. If Blurt is to start anew, and not be tied to steemit or steem block chain, then why would you want to add them in to the air drop, or to even import their balances to blurt. If blurt is going to be a carbon copy of steem block chain, and pretty much of hive block chain, then what is differentiating from Hive? What is making blurt different and better and on a higher moral ground than what Hive is on? So I am a bit confused about the Deprecate issue.

Blurt is a carbon copy of nothing, and is in fact a new chain with balances from Steem's block 43,256,969.

We do not have a higher moral ground-- except maybe in that HIve chose to exclude some individuals based on their vote history and affiliations. I've been on-record saying that was a mistake, and I'm pretty sure that the majority of the folks working on Hive know that was a mistake too.

Thing is, when you're doing something difficult and complex, you're going to make mistakes.

Lord knows we're going to make mistakes with Blurt, I just don't know what those mistakes will be yet :).

And I'm not going to condemn hive "OMG they made a mistake it's so terrible, hive bad, burn down the bees and their hive!" -- cause fact is, overall hive is pretty good and they put a lot of effort into it.

For the record, Steem is pretty good overall, as well.

We do have different software, a different blockchain altogether, and a different development direction from both Steem and Hive.

importing balances

Initally, Blurt was going to fork off of steem in the same manner that HIVE did-- basically preserving the chain of blocks.

But then Steem's HF23 happened, and if we used the "hive technique" we would have had to accept HF23 in our codebase, so that was a non-starter.

In the end, we chose to import balances from 43256969 and basically nothing else.

Thanks for your questions and feedback.

I think messing with people's stake is a bad way to get started. Just give it to them or ask them where to allocate it.

If it isn't going to be allocated burn it.

On Blurt, Stinc stake will simply not be imported, here:

That 700mb json file will have his accounts removed per this issue

eg: the stinc stake will never enter Blurt, nor will it be replaced, moved, or reallocated in any way.

@birdinc felt very strongly that the stinc stake should remain, and is launching a second chain called Zapata with the full Steemit, Inc / Justin Sun stake intact.

It was a very difficult decision for both of us, and I respect and understand his point of view on this matter.

We have tried to contact Justin Sun, and several of his associates.

No word.

PS: absolutely would burn it if not allocated. Would not move it anywhere else.

Excluding anyone would be a huge mistake.
The project started with that as the premise and to take a u-turn now would be really bad.
You guys knew all about this being a potential benefit or problem from the beginning.
So whats changed?
Nothing everything is still the same.
I am sure the hope was that JS would open his arms out to the project and would take you to the moon and since he hasn't responded in either a positive or negative way.
People's balls are dropping and fearing the worse.
Have faith in your project and stick to your original vision else shut up shop now.
As you will be no different to hive.
Also if your taking away steemit stake you would have to take away all ninja mined stakes as thats the basis of your dilemma else it's just pointless.
In Blurt we believe 👊

Ah, let me be very clear:

We are only talking about ninja mined stake and stinc controlled accounts, no individuals.

Anyhow, this is exactly what I wanted-- feedback with context and thought.

Thank you.

Differences from Hive, even if we exclude steemit, inc:

  • No downvotes
  • New social graph
  • Inclusion of all individuals with normally earned stake (non-ninja mined)
  • New blockchain with no content
  • Different dev team with a different trajectory

How are we the same as hive?

Well, in our experience so far, Hive favors a collaborative approach to software and community development, and so do we.

Blurt loves its brothers, including steem.

Blurt might not love stinc-- we are collecting comments on that now.

Thank you.

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