Re-imagine STEEM : Introducing The Blue Waves Project

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Steemit has been mostly marketed to people as a social media platform that pays people to post and curate content, we at Bluewaves believe that this predominant description does not fully describe what the STEEM Blockchain has to offer

Though the STEEM Blockchain has seen additional developments like MangoSteem by @mynameisbrian, D Tube by @heimindanger, and D Sound by @prc, we believe that we still have a long way to go in harnessing the full power of the STEEM Blockchain

Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency, and we believe its resilience and success has been made possible by the huge worldwide community backing it, and we believe that STEEM can achieve that in the coming years.

The blockchain is meant to offer liberty and wealth to all and none of its technologies embodies these characteristics like STEEM. The STEEM blockchain is not only a place to post quality content, it is a place that will spark a revolution worldwide.

We at Blue Waves believe in challenging the Status quo when it comes to the economy and people empowerment, we believe everyone has a voice and also has an active role in shaping their future

Core Values.png

Core Values

The Core Values of the Blue Waves Project are qualities which every Steemian potentially possess and these qualities are expressly mirrored by the STEEM Blockchain


We at Bluewaves believe that everyone is Intelligent in their own way, as our usernames are different so is our capabilities and talents, and we believe that every single person have something to offer

Eveyone has Something to Offer @surpassingoogle


The very nature of the STEEM blockchain ensures integrity, everyone actions can be monitored and the open nature of the STEEM blockchain ensures this, everyone will be imbibed to emulate this level of transparency in whatever they are doing

Making false claims or misleading people will do You no good, Let your yes be yes and our no be no


The STEEM blockchain is a gift to Mankind, and anyone who wants to participate in it must imbibe it’s very nature

Generosity does not only mean giving money or upvote, you can have little STEEM Power but you can still impact someone's life with just one comment on their blog post

One of the Steemit project that truly captured this was the Unmeans Stweets Initiative that was powered by @surpassinggoogle, the main thing about Steemit is the Community, we believe that the reason why people keep going back to Facebook after discovering Steemit is the Level of Interaction they have with their Facebook Friends

But if we can replicate a Vibrant community here on Steemit, they will have no reason to roam about, and even people who don't post consistently will still remain and add value to the community in some way due to the level of Interaction

In the words of @acidyo :

Steemit Is All The Website I Need

STEEM Marketing.png


The Bluewaves Is Primarily a Nigerian Project, but Other African countries will Be Integrated as the Project Grows

We have a fully viable Marketing plan that has roots in Influencer Marketing and Industrial Applications, anyone interested in supporting the project should contact @ogochukwu on Steemit Chat and he/she will be presented with it

For the main time we will be focusing on marketing Steemit in Higher Institutions, these are the schools that already has the presence of Steemit Ambassadors

University Of Nigeria (approx 16,000 Students)

Steemit Marketing in this school will be lead by, @ogochukwu, @gunneresq, @barrister-batman, @yvonn and @buterdaniel.

University of Uyo ( approx 10,000 Students)

Steemit Marketing in this school will be led by @samstickkz and @evelyniroh

LAUTECH ( approx 20,000 Students)

Steemit Marketing in this school will be led by @harbysco and @honoramus

ESUT ( approx 7,000 Students)

Steemit Marketing in this school will be led by @arizonawise and @edumurphy

River State Polytechnic ( approx 15,000 students)

Steemit Marketing in This School will be led by @greatness69 and @iron-rode

Colledge of Science and Arts Port-Harcout ( approx 15,000 students)

Steemit Marketing in this School will also be led by @greatness69 and @iron-rode

Note: @greatness69 and @iron-rode are not Students of the last two schools but they have been actively marketing Steemit in the Schools. Every other members of the Marketing team have also been Marketing Steemit in Their respective locations.

The Bluewaves Team are also working on getting Steemit Ambassadors that will market Steemit in the University of Ibadan and the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, both schools have a combined population of approximately 40,000 students

We believe that we will reach other demographic of the Nigerian Population via our Influencer Marketing Plan, this is just a summary of the Marketing plan. The Main plan has a fully detailed and comprehensive roadmap, which will be shown to potential supporters on demand

Blue Waves Academy.png


Introducing people to Steemit and not providing them a level of Mentorship will have negative effects as some people are not conversant with Steemit Ethics, leaving them without guidance will only pile up more work for the amazing people working on the @steemcleaners project

The Mentorship Curriculum has been built around Four Pillars of Blogging on Steemit, they include:

1. Personal Branding

2. Steemit Etiquette

3. Content Quality

4. Steem Mindset

Mentorship Is a non stop process, but that does not mean we should neglect new Signups, we have to show them the right way of doing this on this platform, the materials used for Mentorship will be 100% Steemit Content which Includes @ogochukwu's Blockchain Blogger Series and @dragonslayer109's Writing Tips Series which is already being used by the Phillipines Community to mentor Newbies

We noticed that there is a huge gap between Marketing and Mentorship In Steemit, bringing 1 Million people onboard will have no Impact if they are not guided on how Steemit works. It will also have Negative effects when New Steemians start behaving badly

The Mentorship Team Is currently made up of @ogochukwu and @dragonslayer109, we will start Mentoring the first batch of Steemains this week which will consist of older Steemians and also members of the Community who have proven themselves to be potential mentors

Mentoring of Newer Steemians will start next week and we believe we will have a larger number of Mentors to cover the huge base

All Community activities will take place in the Blue Waves Discord Server which has been built to house the project, it was also built in a way to foster communities within the main community



For the main time the Bluewaves Project will depend on Existing Sources to provide curation for newbies,we believe that the project will recieve community support and STEEM Power delegation when we start getting resuts they include

Nigerian Curators

We will have to depend on the Team of Nigerian Curators which comprises of @onequality, @gbenga, @ehiboss, @ogoowinner and @destinysaid to help curate the post of new signups


Curie is a community project that have been ongoing since August 2016 that aims to help curate the post of Newbies, they have been excellent in providing new Steemains worldwide with Curation Support


The OCD curation support is an initiative that was started by @acidyo, the aim of the project is to provide curation support for newbies around the world, he also found Curators from other Languages like French and Polish and commisioned Curators for those countries

The OCD project have also been giving New Signups a level of Curation support

The Bluewaves Project can only support Nigerians for the Main time as our resources are Limited, but we will incorporate other African Countries as our Support base grows

If you are a Nigerian and you want to join the Discord Server contact, @greenrun @gunneresq @ewuoso, @samstickkz, @bania, @honoramous, @yvonn, @harbysco, and @greatness69 with your username and Location on Steemit Chat and you will be provided with the invite link

If you are a New Steemian and not familiar with discord,have not made any post or if you have made just your introduction post contact @ogochukwu on Steemit Chat

Download Discord Here

Signup For Steemit Chat

Remember to confirm your E-mail after signing Up

If you will like to Support this project, contact @ogochukwu on Steemit Chat and the Full Marketing Plan and Road Map will be made available for review

More Posts will be made over the coming days to fully explain other aspects of the project

All Images were downloaded from pexels and designs were made on Canva




What an exciting venture. I am proud and happy to be a part of it and will do my best to market in my various social circles.

I'm proof that he has done so!! 😂

Thanks for spreading the word @edumurphy

Whoa this is a wonderful project if it kicks off.. Nigeria and Africa at large will now have a welcoming approach to steemit.

I'm a Nigerian student in one of the colleges in Nigeria but finds it hard to convert students to steemit because the few that entered, there post are not well curated. If @bluewaves can curate this new steemians Nigerian students will be encouraged to be part of this great plan.

We have people ready to write and explore but they need to be encouraged

Nice work from @ehiboss @ogoowinner @ogochukwu @gbenga @onequality..

I so much appreciate this

Thanks for the amazing comment @godswill

I have some great friends that fot this criteria in South Africa, Malawi, and also Kenya not to mention the US. Your platform and approach looks like the best ive seen ftom other minnow schools/support groups!!

This is an incredible project that has the capacity to make steem more disruptive in Africa as had never been seen before. Glad I could help in some way. Keep steeming guys.

Thanks for your awesome contribution so far. Much appreciated.

All systems are a go!
And we're launching in five...four... three.
Who am I kidding?
Blast off!

madam, not even an acknowledgement of seeing your winnings from @steem-lagos ? Not cool...

I'm really I'm sorry, I haven't been online for a long while. Been very sick
Thank you very much @steem-lagos.
Beg, no vex oh😃

Thumbs up blue wave

Big-ups guys, may the Steem-Force be with us all

@bluewaves has come to stay, 1 million steemians from Nigerian University is achievable.

Steemit uyo (uniuyo) has been on a low key for a while. Now we are ready to run with this vision

I believe that with synergy we will achieve more. @samstickkz

happy to be among this team blue wave all the way

we are good to go

Always prepared

Well, this is a welcome development, and I sincerely want to appreciate you guys for coming up with this idea..hope to see steemit moving to the higher level.

We are going to make this platform better and greater, one person at a time

This is a very good initiative.
Weldone bluewaves

This is a beautiful innovation, storming the nigerian students with this wonderful campaign will take steemit to a new level...
Thanks for this.

Wow, @bluewaves project. This looks interesting. Will be on the look out for you. Kudos to the team. Are you on steemit chat, will like to have an interview with you?

You can always contact any of the person listed above to be added to the Discord server @ceepee

This gonna be a huge force

Thanks for your solidarity

Incredible it is. A huge one but it is definitely acheivable. We are all ready and fired up.

You have an excellent spirit and you will no doubt help push this forward @gunneresq

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Nice concept

Amazing project and great marketing strategies to grow the Steemit Community!
Wish you lot of success ahead!

Welcome, @bluewaves. I like the 3 core values on which the project is built,

  • Intelligence
  • Integrity &
  • Generosity


@maryfavour for @redfishpillar project.

Wow! Super excited to be in this beautiful project. With this we can take over Nigeria for steemit in no time.

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