Bluewaves Mentorship Project Week Two : Helping Minnows Develop A Good Steemit Mindset

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Blue Waves Academy.png

The Bluewaves Mentorship Project Is currently in Its second week, last week Mentorship proved that we still have a long way to go as a community when it comes to truly enlightening people what Steemit is all about

We currently have some Mentors in Training as we are getting more applications for Mentorship

Mentoring will not be truly effective if there is no course of Action, so the Mentorship curriculum is divided among Four Important Categories

This Weeks Mentors are @ogochukwu and @dragonslayer109, the content used in Mentoring are 100% Steemit Content, so don't be surprised if you start seeing floods of comments on your old posts as Mentees will be required to also go out and read posts by community members

Mentees will be Coached among Four Major Topics Which included

Personal Branding

Steemit Etiquette

Content Quality

Steemit Mindset

The Bluewaves Project have recieved a total amount of 57 Mentorship Applications and these are the Steemians who are going to be Mentored this week


Others will have to wait till next week before being Mentored

Bluewaves Is A Steemit Marketng, Mentorship and Support Project

The Bluewaves Project can only support Nigerians for the Main time as our resources are Limited, but we will incorporate other African Countries as our Support base grows

If you are a Nigerian and you want to join the Discord Server contact, @greenrun @gunneresq @ewuoso, @samstickkz, @bania, @honoramous, @yvonn, @harbysco, and @greatness69 with your username and Location on Steemit Chat and you will be provided with the invite link

If you are a New Steemian and not familiar with discord,have not made any post or if you have made just your introduction post contact @ogochukwu on Steemit Chat

Download Discord Here

Signup For Steemit Chat

Remember to confirm your E-mail after signing Up

If you will like to Support this project, contact @ogochukwu on Steemit Chat and the Full Marketing Plan and Road Map will be made available for review

All Images were downloaded from pexels and designs were made on Canva



We love this project, so many things learned. Everyday, is like an adventure, discovering hidden gems on steemit.

Thanks for your support

You welcome


We love, adore and cherish this awesome project. I learn't a lot during my mentorship week. Keep the flag flying @teambluewaves @bluewaves.


Thanks for showing your appreciation

I am happy to be among participants of this project. @bluewaves thanks for helping the minnows

That is one of the purpose of bluewaves to serve as a form of support to Minnows

Yeah, I'm up for this....

Glad I was considered...Thanks for this great project

Thanks for this. Just saw it.

Please, how can someone who was never part of it at the beginning can take part. I believe it will be a goldmine for those of us who are yet to make our first post.

Hello @leesworld

You have to set up your Discord profile and join the server.

Are you on Steemit Chat?

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