Blue Waves Mentorship Project Week Four: Helping Minnows Develop A Good STEEM Mindset

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Blue Waves Quest.png

The Blue Waves Mentorship Project Is in its Fourth Week. This week is going to be a different week

In this week there is going to be a consolidation of what the Mentees have been taught for the past three weeks

They are going to be taking advanced Mentorship this week, to gain extra knowledge of what running a blog is all about

The basic Mentorship Classes will resume next week, though we will be giving new Signups some level of guidance as they await to be admitted into the next batch

The Advanced Mentorship Curriculum Includes the following

Blogging Tools For Effective Research

Applications that helps with Getting Premium Information that aids Content Creation.

How To Use Social Media Sites Like Twitter To Grow Online Presence

Full Blog Review And Branding.

How To Grow Niche Authority

Blue Waves Academy.png

The Bluewaves Project recieved a total additional 12 applications for Basic Mentorship bringing the amount of applications to 101

The following Steemians were admitted Into advanced Mentorship


This weeks Mentors are @ogochukwu ,@dragonslayer109 and @maryfavour

Bluewaves Is A Steemit Marketng, Mentorship and Support Project

The Bluewaves Project can only support Nigerians for the Main time as our resources are Limited, but we will incorporate other African Countries as our Support base grows

If you are a Nigerian and you want to join the Discord Server contact, @greenrun @gunneresq @ewuoso, @samstickkz, @bania, @honoramous, @yvonn, @harbysco, and @greatness69 with your username and Location on Steemit Chat and you will be provided with the invite link

If you are a New Steemian and not familiar with discord,have not made any post or if you have made just your introduction post contact @ogochukwu on Steemit Chat

Download Discord Here

Signup For Steemit Chat

Remember to confirm your E-mail after signing Up

If you will like to Support this project, contact @ogochukwu on Steemit Chat and the Full Marketing Plan and Road Map will be made available for review

All Images were downloaded from pexels and designs were made on Canva



Good work I must confess. I love the manner at which @ogochukwu mentors everyone.
I am happy to be a participant of @bluewaves projects and ready for the next class. Kudos to others mentors involved.

Congratulations to all other participants

It's your Blockchain Entertainer

Hi @bluewaves
its been a pleasure for me to be part of the awesome class so far the experience has been mind blowing, i really cant wait for another section for me to aquire more knowledge.


I am privileged to be in blue wave community, together we can!!!!!

I'm proud to be a part of this movement, steemit uyo is loading up on the 10th of November

Information is not knowledge.

- Albert Einstein

Thanks for the awesome opportunity. Glad to be amongst those receiving mentorship.

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