No bluetooth in car no problem!! Nulaxy bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter km20

in bluetooth •  last year  (edited)

Nulaxy KM20 Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter is one of the most customers favorable bluetooth car kit. The new KM20 ($16.99) is designed to keep KM18's stability, but with a modern sleek design. It features a big display screen, Bluetooth 3.0 technology, and equips with one USB charge port, one USB flash drive port, FM tuner, Aux in and out. 1.jpg

Smartphones could be connected to KM20 through Bluetooth, and then streamed through car FM system or the Aux port… Can also play music from SD card or USB storage. For $16.99 It provides multi-solutions for your hands-free driving and in-car stereo streaming.2.jpg3.jpg

The KM20 FM transmitter is a well rounded device that is easy to use, performs well, and is loaded with features. If its design works in your vehicle, I highly recommend it. 4.jpg

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