Moonrise over Bass Strait

I think @juliank trying to tell us something, or teach us : ) - may be that the magic continues after the sunset, or even starts way before the sunrise. If not Julian than the nature tells us: dont pack your camera after the sunset, wait, there is more coming, the blue hour! And now we have an official competition place for those picks, blue hour contest, woohoo!

This is my entry for the bluehourphotography contest. I was trying to capture the beauty of the moon world. With my phone camera, very naive, I know : )

Moon is rising.jpg

Thank you @juliank for creating and curating the contest:

To participate share any food related photography with the tag #bluehourphotography. Good luck and have fun!

Image source: photo by @steemulator
Camera: Galaxy S9+
Location:Bass Strait, Australia


Иногда с телефона даже очень хорош снимок бывает.

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beautiful photo, sun shining, nice post, have nice day, every day,, upovted you and also following you,, i love if you like to visit my blog,, thank dear freind @yousafharoonkhan

Thank you @yousafharoonkhan, will take a look.
That was moon shining : P

Good shot with the phone.