A new way to donate to Goodwill

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) Many people are good at acquiring things, buying new furniture, and clothes. Sometimes getting rid of things takes a little more thought and it can definitely involve time, that’s why Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids wants to make the process easier for you. They’re now willing to pick up your donated goods at your house with the help of a company called Hired Hitch.

Goodwill and Hired Hitch have partnered to offer simple, convenient pick-up and delivery services for your gently used donations or purchases from Goodwill. Donating has never been easier! With a simple online scheduling system, you can setup timely pickups for your donated goods or schedule a delivery of larger purchases from your local Goodwill store.

DONATION PICK-UP: Visit HiredHitch.com/Goodwill to schedule your donations to be picked-up by Hired Hitch at a time that is convenient for you. Donations of four large bags or more are picked-up at no-cost.

PURCHASE DELIVERY: Hired Hitch will deliver furniture or larger items you have purchased from a Goodwill Store or shopgoodwill.com directly to your front door.

EASY: With the click of a button you can schedule a pick-up or delivery. It’s that easy. No hassle and no fuss. At Goodwill, we appreciate each donation and ensure that the value of your donation is maximized.

MONEY SAVINGS Your donations to Goodwill are tax deductible! Our system tracks your donations and information on an annual basis to keep records of your donations.

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