All Bound For Du-Di-Land! [singalong to the KLF][First ever post]

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Sometimes Daddy and I sing this in the car:
"We're all going to Du-Di-Land!
Du-Di-Land... Du-Di-Land!
We're all going to Du-Di-Land!..."

You get the picture, and the tune. OK it isn't exactly what they sing but it just comes out more easily that way.

So what is DudiLand? Well, it is the place I come from and the place I go to when I am free from thinking about the life around me. I will share some of the stories of the colourful creatures who live there, the things I am learning and the things I bring back with me. Sometimes, the things I take to Dudiland are also important.

My great joy comes from bringing magic and happiness to everyone. Daddy says I can do many amazing things, but for me I just do what I sense is right. This might be healing or crystals or telling a funny story or eating stinky cheese. I don't like having to do something just because people start to expect it. I don't like being forced to do anything.

Well, the next episode will be about me jumping out of a painting and landing in a museum in Bangkok.

See you again soon!

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This is the account I created and manage for my daughter. She has interesting experiences that have nothing to do with my writing on mathematics and science - that would confuse both my followers and hers!

Yes, I write the posts but she makes sure I don't say anything dumb! She also reads and replies to the comments. When she is old enough, she can take control and, hopefully, will have enough Steem to fund the rest of her education. That's the plan!

hehehe, parents walking on eggshells with their daughter's public image. Classic.

Perhaps you should look deeper at the context. Discussions about kids' accounts that have been disabled, which can be a loss of time and money. Therefore, the relationship between these accounts has been established on the blockchain.

One day, it may be possible for a single account to have multiple topic-specific follower feeds, thereby being able to publish under different voices. That would eliminate the need to link accounts and establish control relationships.

Keep up the good work @dudiland :))

Thanks mate!

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