Method to Make €500 Very Easy [no investing]

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Hello, all!

This method work when you download Circle App for iOS or Android [it'a wallet like PayPal but with 0 fees]

With Circle App you can send money to your friends with ZERO fees, no joke, you just need to add your debit card or bank account and start sending money to each other.

How to make €5 with Circle App?
Basically, you use their referral system to invite friends, including your mom, dad, sister etc...
After your mom or friend signed with your referral link you must send her €25 and then she send you the money back, this can be done in one transaction or multiple transactions, upon your choice, for example, if you invite a friend and don't trust him that much you send him 2 euro and then he will send you back and so on and forth til €25 to get the €5 reward from Circle App, you and your friend will both receive the reward.

How to make €500 with Circle App?
To make €500 you must invite 100 friends, that's the limit the company accepts atm.

How Can I Cash OUT?
Remember you linked your bank account with Circle App, well inside the app you choose the amount you want to cash out from Circle App balance and choose bank account as the destination after that confirm and for ETRA security they will send you an SMS. Done!

Circle App is available in the following countries atm:
Czech Republic
United Kingdom
United States
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