Topics I plan on covering - Just to keep me honest

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The main focus of this blog is about the topic of pre-retirement, that period of life that lies between working according to someone else’s schedule and demands and the life of full retirement. That is all good but may sound a little vague. Also, topics may come up that I feel will be informative or productive for readers. So, this list is by not the full table of contents but can give you an idea of what I plan to discuss. I am also very curious as to what you may want to hear about or pick my brain over. Some will be my opinions based upon my experience and others I will research to ensure I provide accurate information. So enjoy.
P.S. If some topics do not make sense, don’t worry, I took this from my project outline, they will make sense when they are fully realized posts.

 Where or how to start pre-retirement
 Helpful tips to avoid forgetting the easy things
 Body management
 Free or inexpensive learning
 Dating
 Bitcoin - Bitconnect
 Make sure it's fun
 Politics and how to listen to what they’re not saying
 Writing the blog
 Try a new skill
 Write down an idea when you have it
 Cord cutting
 Beard care (Something brand new to me)
 Cutting stress
 Put your hobbies to work for you
 Why politicians are no good for anyone

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