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Quality content, quality content, and quality content. You hear these two words every blog website and together let’s look Who decides quality content?

There are some statistics results and Google’s algorithm checking many criteria about content and deciding according to result of those criteria.

We do not know what kind of algorithm Google is using, but we can make interpretations according to short descriptions Google publishes and patents taken by Google.

Google is changing its algorithm all the time and the most important thing is looking general concept of blogging and instead of faking something using the real one.

Which Writings are Quality?

Some signals determine quality of the writing. These criteria actually basic requirements for a writing and need to be considered as essential for a blog.

Trusting is a first step and you should trust the information in the article. That is about some people use attractive title but giving unrelated info.


Second thing is attitude of the writer. Keen writer gives more interesting things about the subject and give useful information. However, just writing slight knowledge about the subject and finishing the article without giving enough information makes writing insufficient in Google side.

Another thing is checking information given in the writing. If there are some incorrect parts in the article, you could lose some credit about writing. As much as possible, giving the correct information is best way.
Interpreting subject in different angle makes writing more attractive. Even adding some interpretations

Comparing other similar contents and deciding which one has more power in all criteria. Checking if the article is containing interesting analysis compared to other articles.

These are general idea to understand checking system for article. There could be different perspectives and changes,
but empathy is the keyword for writing good. If you always make an empathy about readers, you think different angle and willing to write beneficial concept.

Have a great writing

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hello Excellent publication, societyengineer when writing an article we must choose a title related to the content and live what we feel to write, and if we have had some experience in our life in writing better. It's just my thinking
God continue to bless you.