Model Train Building.

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Getting There!

So, I haven't posted much about my latest project which is my 'OO' model railway. But, doesn't mean I haven't been busy, I have already laid the grass in the middle, got the layout sorted and have spent a small fortune on more stuff for it.

This includes adhesive sprays, PVA glue, fine gravel, a couple of tunnels, glue brushes and some other craft equipment. The majority of the track is now laid on cork and I have designs for extending this. Including, installing an electric turntable. Still undecided, but will figure it out as I move along.

Hopefully will have some new photos soon, as the weather for the past few days has been heavy rain, thunderstorms and high winds, making spending time in the shed not good, before that, it was far too hot to go in there! Hopefully will get a happy medium over the next few days.

More to follow (including new photos.)

Thanks for reading.

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Keep in mind that you need to be able to reach the furthest point. So plan in a manhole in the middle or a possibility to move it to be able to walk around

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Good Idea, the way I have it set up I can move it to either side of the shed so I can walk around to access any point ;)