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It seems as if society is consciously ignoring the fact that women are being treated as objects these days. It´s not just the lack of such discussions in society that is worrying but also about the role that mass media has and still is playing in perpetuating stereotypes that women have to deal with in modern society. Have a look at this ad;
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Ok the big question here is what does a naked woman have anything to do with mentos chewing gum? If you look at it from the perspective of business it is a good marketing strategy but if you look at it from the perspective of the viewer it communicates a different story. What it means is that in order to make the product appeal to people we need to associate the ad with sexual connotation, specifically a naked woman because that is what matters to society (to males). Women are portrayed as objects of happiness, their value has been attached to physical appearance rather than depth in character. If you analyze the ad closely you will realize that even the type of female body that is portrayed has certain distinct features; petite, with curves and thigh gaps, this is the ideal body image that is being sold to society.

A lot of young impressionable girls have fallen prey to such displays of ideals, they have gotten the impression that for society to accept them this is what they need to look like and this has had a big role to play in young girls being depressed and losing their self esteem simply because they do not possess the ´´ideal body image´´.
This issue deserves a bigger platform for discussion

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You completely missed the point of the ad. It's a play on the whole 'eating booty' meme.

Which means you got it completely reverse of what it is.

Have an upvote regardless.

Thank you for the correction:):) I never thought of it that way

I think you mean well n i like where you are going. I cant upvote right now but i will later. Lets do dig deeper though into more obvious instances. I think that in some cases its less obvious. Thanks!

I appreciate the feedback:)