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Mona Lisa

I am a painter
The dyes I pick are fainter
The angel I paint is fairer
Her skin glows dimly like the setting sun
Her hair flatters the fairy sparkles that light up her chubby smile
For miles it illuminates the shadows that darken her blissful demeanor

She is....

partly angel, partly human and in between moments she glows even meaner
she ruffs her pure white feathers and just as so, her crippling eyes flourish,
her snowy teeth sparkle with a cheeky defiance of diamonds and rubies
and with her halo she casts a light so bright that
limbs falter and tremble upon her angelic feet.

I am a painter
The angel I smear on this paper is fairer
The angel I flatter with this paint is perfect, she denies imperfection with her laugh
It plays symphonies within the fore walls of even the most snobbish of hearts
It seeps delicately into the air like puff, I swear you do not cough, instead your
lungs are inflated with fumes of euphoria
Your chest turns into a clutter of heart beats,
Your nerves are tingled in tiny bits
relinquishing shock waves that leave your cheeks quaking,
and the sweet melody of her laugh; the epicenter
and the painting brush, mine for the taking

I am a painter
The dyes I pick are fainter, the lady I paint is fairer
Da Vinci has got nothing on me
She, Lisa
the perfect Mona Lisa.

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