Add Awesome Features To Your Post Part 1: Footer and signature

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Most of people ignore the marketing part on steemit post, being different and thinking different makes your post awesome, it pretty easy to add some feature make you different than others, today we will start with the footer, why it is very important?

Post footer is very important strategy to make people follow you on steemit, it's the marketing part of your article, where you can ask people to follow you and adding your signature with your name make people remember you and come back to your posts.

Create e-signature or animated signature for free:

Like I said signature make people remember you and follow you, lot of website can do it for you for free but I have choose the best one, you can make a lot of signature and use the best one.

Go to

Choose what kind of signature that you want, I will give 2 example, e-signature and animated signature:


Go to live signature maker, click create now you will get this page : 

Put your name , click to select color, select size, select slope and click create, wait 5 second boom signature created, change it if you don't like it.

this is the example:

Go to animated signature you will get this page:

Choose the animation that you like, I have choose :  Animated Micky Mouse Boy Signature, you will get this page :

Put the name that you like, choose color, select font, fill the captcha click submit, wait a few seconds and boom signature created, download the image and upload it on , because it support that kind of image is .gif (animated).

this is the example:

Create the footer:

The footer is very simple actually just separate it from the post with a line you can use Microsoft word or look for free lines on Google like this one: 

And ask people to follow you, that all guys.

Hope that will help you and make you post more attractive, I will not add the footer on this post because I will make it different than yours lol.


Hi Ben

This is a great idea, gives a nice personal touch. Good work!!

thank you my friend

@ben99 Great post, sad it's not getting more upvotes, comments and attention in general.

thanks for your comment bro , hope that get attention in the future

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Thanks for Food of thought

Hey those are cool fonts/icons...where do you get the full list of those from?

From my iPhone bro

What a great share! I wasn't familiar with all these resources. Thanks.

Thank you for this sweet comment :)

great post, i've started using markdown to make mine.

I'm happy that you like it :)

Great Idea! Nice info ben99

I am super late to the party but the website has most definitely changed since then, are you still using the same site or could you recommend another?

Thank you. I will check it out.

It seems the posted link can't make animated signatuures anymore, at least not for free.

Found this post by searching. Excellent.

Glad you posted this, even if it is over a year old. New to Steemit so I need to up my content and posts. Thanks for the motivation!

I'd been seeing some of those fancy signatures and was curious how they were done. It's definitely eye catching, which is important on here.

Thanks for sharing!

If you want I can make it for you , check this link for more examples :

Much appreciated! I'm a bit tied up today, but let me look that over and I'll holler back!
Glad you stayed around @ben99 !