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As I just finished a sql course I was looking for a free tool to visualize my sql database that I wanted to create for @sandyspictures. She has her own photography business. As she just started out and does not have a really big budget I offered to make here a database that she then can use to keep everything organized :)

So I was looking around the internet and found this website called SQLDBM.

And I must say I am impressed. It is still in beta and some things did not really work as it should but with some small work arounds this is a great tool. I believe I will let my Lector know about this so he might be using it in the next coarse.

We learned the designing of a database the hard way. Pure pen and paper and a good old-fashioned SQL Query :). When I think back I get horror thoughts again.

This tool however even generates the sql code for you. And I checked it out and it all seems to be perfect.

The only issue I found was when I needed a foreign key and a primary key on the same value. The only way you could do that in the beta version is to drag the foreign key to the primary key location.

Also, the documentation should be there in a visible and easy to access way. I could only find a instruction video that was not really handy :)

For the rest this is a great tool!


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Great graph..so informative and this post is very great to informe about market


Next time take the time to read what a person typed. This has nothing to do with the market. This is a database graph.

This post very good for information grafik, thank-you for posting @zoef


Glad you did not take the time to read. I do upvote good comments. This is not one of them :)