Progressive web apps... wow!

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I'm getting certified as an expert in mobile websites optimization (free Google courses here) and one part of the final quiz is about PWA (Progressive web apps).

I was shocked

PWA are apps built ON the web. Let me explain in simple terms: PWA are made of an app shell and several javascript modules to enhance the fruition of web content on mobile.

For example, if I want to turn my website into a PWA, I will just need to add a manifest to my code, write a few lines of code, and in minutes my website will turn in a PWA.

A PWA is useful to enable a better experience for the end user. In fact, if you create one, you'll be able to ask the user to install your PWA inside his/her phone, and you'll be in his/her homescreen.

This is amazing

No app store, no complicated downloads, no hard times with several loadings.

When a user visit a PWA (click here to visite some PWA) his browser will automatically ask him if he wants to save the application into his phone.

When he does, the web developer of the PWA will be able to send push notification to him. The user, on his behalf, will benefit from the download too. From a tiny investment of some KB in datas, he'll be able to navigate his favourite websites with a poor internet connection or with no internet connection at all.

The app will also run smoothly inside the OS of the smartphone, hardly decreasing the loading times and enhancing the ability to interact for the user

Google explains PWA on stage 

Here you can see the full explanatory video by Google:

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comment below!


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