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Spontaneously decided to start a daily blog of one funny story and at least three happy/grateful things/achievements! Read on!

Today I talked to a person from Chongqing. Here are two things you need to know. Chongqing is a city famous for spicy hotpot in China. Also, it's typical (in China) to note that super spicy stuff is conducive to, er, intestine movement. So, we were having coffee and she was commenting on how foreigners love Chongqing hotpot but it's so spicy they end up on the toilet for a while. I said, and when they come back out it's time for another hotpot! She immediately laughed and a stream of latte went onto the table missing me by centimeters. We laughed even more.

At least three happy/grateful things/achievements:

1) I had a great lunch with my father and we talked about lots of things. I'm pretty sure my dad was happy so it's a happy thing for me too.

2) I woke up at 6 and went straight to the gym for weight training. Afterwards I even managed to ignore the local cafe and ended up skipping breakfast. I'm happy that my willpower won out and I'll probably not gain (lose?) weight.

3) I sort of skipped dinner. I had three different alcoholic drinks and three slices of cheese. I think the carbs are lower than a regular meal and I (still) feel quite euphoric despite my pretty crappy work day.

And... that's it! I hope you will give me an upvote to encourage me to continue this daily blog. Please follow me if you want to see what I have to write every day! Thanks for reading and have a great day :)


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