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Come read what one funny thing and three happy things I have to write every day!

One funny thing:

We went to the local government building to get a document, but when we got there the building had been evacuated due to a clearly non-existent fire. We were thinking, we'd be lucky to even be able to get the document before work starts. After a while, suddenly, the doors opened and we hurried in and joined newly forming queue. Then it turns out that most of the people in front of us were getting other documents. We didn't need to wait much at our window and ended being able to leaving the place in probably the fastest time ever!

Three happy things:

  1. Happy that I got lucky getting my son's document very quickly.

  2. Then I had a very good lunch afterwards with my family. It was very expensive (for a lunch) but the food, the environment and the service was worth it. Well worth it!

  3. At dinner time my wife made me a very nice cheese omelette. She added extra cheese this time and it turned out very nice. Low (no?) carborhydrates and I feel great.

Sometimes on such a day it's really difficult to think of a funny thing to write. I could think of dozens of things that could have gone better. I suppose this is why I need to keep writing to focus my mentality on the positive side. I hope you will give me an upvote to encourage me to continue this daily blog. Please follow me if you want to see what I have to write every day! Thanks for reading and have a great day :)

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