What Happened To The Human Body After It Died

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After your heart has stopped, the reactions that take place in your body, the reactions are truly amazing;

When you declare you as dead now, it is not finished yet because your body continues to get into some interactions. When the heart gives up the blood pump, your cells stop taking oxygen. the brain, the big boss, realizes that at the last minute something will not be like the old one, it feels diminished in ripples and disconnects because the transmission organs can not do the job. With it, since there is no oxygen needed, all your muscles are loosened, resulting in the evacuation of the intestines and bladder.

Intriguing, some cells, of course, continue to live in different interactions, including 100 trillion bacteria that keep our intestines in abundance. As the first stop;

algor mortis: your body loses 1.5 fahrenhets per hour, down to the temperature of your surroundings. second stop;

livor mortis: because you are now a dead, all blood and liquids are collected at the bottom of your chute, and for this reason your appearance is not as beautiful or handsome as your old one. Depending on the color of the person's skin, the dark blue-purplish color turns. next station is;

rigor mortis: it is the moment when calcium in your body emerges. causing your muscles to remain firm and stretched for up to 24 to 48 hours. at the moment of death, if your eyes are clear, it will remain open for a while.

and decay 'time has come unfortunately. Since blood circulation is not provided, carbon dioxide begins to wrap your body like a spider web. As the pH level begins to increase, the cells release themselves.

After two or three days, your body starts to smell incredibly. bacteria and microorganisms we talk about in your intestines surround your whole body. they completely consume their favorite pancreas. your stomach, from this moment on, the green color rotates and the gas starts to accumulate and tries to throw out the smallest waste that has been left. putresin and cadaverine (a component of the nasty fragrance that occurs during the breakdown of proteins) travels to the blood vessels and your body begins to infiltrate in a frightening manner and the survival of a living person next to you becomes impossible, even if you like it the most. because the smell is unbearable.

Your color is no longer a political thing because you are a long-lasting gangrene. body odor, attracts some insect species with horror, and unbearably leaves your eggs in your body. the larvae begin to feed on the tissues of your body. and, unfortunately, the maggot, consumes and discards a percentage of your body in a week (the common name of the flies and insects, the larvae of the decaying human and animal wounds).

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