The last steps of our destiny

in #blog4 years ago

After a long marathon, we've been competing for a long time. And the inspiration that comes to my mind with its climate, here is the flow of time that I want to flow from the heart of my heart.

This is the beauty of two-thirds of our lives, and I find it. Your student; Life as a future musician in the world. Despite a time course like a year, I wanted to write the direction of the last weeks.

Yeah; The last steps of our fate, the last steps and course hours will remain with the last minutes. As time goes by, the door is stolen and we bring the sound of the door closer to the depths of our hearts. This time flows from time to time.

On a day like this, we know we compete against time before working hard. I look forward to Benism by determining our destiny and excitement within me. However, the BBC correspondent; I'il take the exam and think about your first entry. I wonder how they'il do it.

I also think with this idea; , who is the president, will leave the examination exam with ideas that will facilitate tongaya. How do they share ideas? With which method can I leave the students? Maybe he'il get into it. But you did; we are used to so-called rumors. The important thing is to survive, always the most difficult and difficult to overcome, the taste of beauty is to improve my mouth even more. We must do our best to pass the life test.

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