The days passed

in #blog4 years ago

The only purpose of passing through the autumn leaves was that I never felt the previous day. For the first time I was afraid to lose something.

He was a stranger. Far was. The place is very soft and clear. I changed my outer mind, I stopped me from seeing nature. the biggest of the penalties. The punishment was not the result of the crime? Then it's a crime. He should have asked for punishers. What could be his crime? Maybe a man was killed, maybe just a bread stolen

How long can I drive without asking? Curiosity continued until the day, I called the answer today.

The days passed, and I was looking for the answer, like searching for a treasure buried years ago. The only difference was that there was no explanation map. Lard shook his head and walked away from him. Everybody knew. Then why were they hiding? They know why they're empty and they know it. Nobody said anything.

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