Stay Away From Me

in blog •  19 days ago

Exceptions did not break the foundation, but I was a child who fulfilled the rules.

My profession is student; My first task was to learn Italian and work. As part of my age, of course.

We have a choice. Never hurt to hurt people, never write my book to get hurt, but see if I'm hurt. I can easily accept if accepted.

In many countries, there are children who can use their free will and make choices. But I had neither my right nor my objection.

Students can be a teacher of antipathy; It's the prototype of the teacher that everyone's in a corner of his mind. However, on the other hand, teachers do not discriminate or distract by students; adhering to the human or teaching profession; He's literally betraying pedagogy.

One of the issues of unluckyness; I did not mention the equations of one of the teachers, I dropped the equation that my teachers' eyes were permanent, I did not object, the idea was a distant stage.

His wisdom makes me understand the meaning of misfortune and the torture of hell.

Looks like a loving, sympathetic person. I had to continue with compulsory service until I retired from school without request.

From the first day of his character he feeds for his speech. She sat down in a different queue every day, counting my skills like a crocheted card, playing with me like a checkerboard.

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