Some nights I'm getting wet

in #blog4 years ago

Humanity waits for the rest of your life. I wonder when the fear will come. When you worry, fear will gnaw at the inner world like a wolf. Too horrible? It may be for the majority, but it won't happen to me … I sent it. "Come, , come, who are you, who you get support from, I'm waiting for you." thousands of times many times .. I want a lot, but unfortunately did not come. I told him you didn't tell him … and now he lied to me. An old fossil overthrowing the seventy. One foot in the shit hole. I want my life to run out as soon as possible by clicking on the happiness of death.

My nervous system has been destroyed. My skeleton can't carry me anymore. My wife ran away from me. As if this was not enough, when I served up to forty years, my state abandoned me … I retired and threw me into the community-called dump. It's like a sold item. I'm in a one-room house in the basement of an old apartment, I'm not looking around … The smell was unbearable. My room is about to turn into a garbage house. A lot of empty bottles, canned, sachets, bread left more than half of my room. Maybe I'il be on the ceiling soon, but I won't. Two cats I caught on the street threw the cat in the trash.

I've been worse sick than these two cats since months. My bedroom stinks of barn. Some nights, I'm getting wet. How long can a person live? Hard standing. The skin in my body started to sag. My neck swollen like a turkey neck, my eagle nose is trying to enter my mouth. My hand touches my foot and I can't stand the gravity … I started to smell like sick. Some pests on my back, my legs are moving. I can't even go to the bathroom without my cane. I'll give them to a son

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