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Hi everybody!
We said hi, didn't you hear it or not? Can't God take his salute? Or did you accept my salute? Oh, I get it: you don't know me, you didn't buy it for me.
You're right. I first introduced myself. What is Steel? Steel, steel destruction. Not steel, pots. Both the step and the product are made of steel.
Did you find me very aggressive? So, how do you want to be at least a few times a day and if you get a few minutes, sometimes you get fired under hundreds of radio levels?
I have been serving this house for ten years. I'm a little older than fourteen; I waited a few months in a cardboard box. They put me in the showcase for three days, and the well-known lady clerk kept me in the box again, thinking I wouldn't fit in there again. The abundance of this family's wife took me from this captivity.
Recovery was saved, but only recovered. Because the real pain began after that day. Meals, soups, roasts, rice, boiling water were always with me.
How Do I Cook a Pot? I'm just a regular pot with four liters and two handles. The pan is abnormal. You might think I'm not plump.
Anyway, let's go. I've been silent for fourteen years, I've always walked in, never talked, but I told you to wear it and tell me what I know. Or I'il explode.

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