Brown Sparrows

in #blog4 years ago

All I did at these moments was to turn my head. Sometimes I noticed that my eyes shifted toward him and I was fixing one of them there. I'm not surprised it's not a bile, but my eyes are breathing. When I was lucky, the bus was coming early and I was getting rid of my gaze soon. It was a month and a half at this point with the end of black fortune. And the number of days did not cross his finger. I'm working my life before the unfortunate encounter. So ordinary is very boring! Then I'd say it's best to start. But even if I was afraid to tell myself, I had to remain a secret, especially every day.

I wonder if my research can reach the end of the day? Brown sparrows are hidden in white spots. 'Finding the freedom to answer the question. 'Everyone knows that. I have work in front of me, 'says another' 'You can talk everywhere, you get in trouble,' 'he said. What happened here at this time?

Why didn't anybody think of me? Wouldn't you want to lighten the pain while waiting for the bus at 7:30 in the morning? Why is that …

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