Pool Villa + Private BBQ best for my family retreat

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Danang Naman Retreat

Pool Villa + Private BBQ, the best for a family trip


For those who are preparing for a family trip to Danang, Vietnam

This is Danang Naman Retreat Pool Villa

I went with my dad and my four-year-old daughter Naomi.

The 1,2,3 bedroom pool villas are all very well equipped.

Well equipped swimming pool, yoga class, kids club, etc.

It's like a heaven where free spa is provided once a day.

From guest rooms to facilities, breakfast

I'll leave a vivid review in the photo




My only retreat located in Non Nuoc Beach, famous for being beautiful in Danang

It is a resort with modern, clean and eco-friendly interior.

It is not easy to give a sophisticated and comfortable feeling.

Babylon room without private pool

1,2,3 bedroom pool villa

Travel with lovers and friends, of course

Also suitable for large family travel


The weather is so hot

I arrived without sweat.

Please come out with a cool welcome drink and a towel.

I just caught it quickly


I am 2 adults + 1 baby

I chose one bedroom

White + Woodtone It's a clean, calm room.

Beds and bathrooms line up from the entrance

The separation between bedroom and bathroom is done by raising and lowering the roll screen.

But I'm a little uncomfortable~~

I prefer the structure where the bathroom and the bedroom are clearly divided.


Anyway, like this, in the bathtub and shower booth

I have a sink, a toilet and a closet.

Oh but now I see

Thank you so much for waiting patiently on the sofa while taking pictures.

I'm a blogger's daughter from the inside


Shampoo, body wash, conditioner

Amenities such as toothpaste toothbrush

Because it is like a grain

I don’t have to worry if I’m just going through the body


The toilet is also neat!



Indoor slippers, outdoor slippers, weight scales

Indoor gown, safety deposit box


Welcome fruit is set in the living room table like this



The mini bar was also full.

Both sweets and drinks are charged

Tea and coffee are free


Free water in the bathroom

You fill it up every day


There is a TV on the other side of the bed


Now open the white curtain

Let's go outside


Hahaha Private pool that anyone loved so much!

I like to play in the big main pool

Before I had a baby, I didn't particularly like pool villas.

I was traveling with my baby, so the pool villa was really comfortable and good.

You can play at any time

I have nothing to notice.


During the water play with Yeonwoo and me

My crying father was lying here,

Happy family vacation


This is the main pool

Incomparable size to the pool in the room

It's an infinity pool with sea views,

I took a big tube to play with

I tried hard

He said that large tubes cannot be used in the main pool.

Instead, the security personnel lent a life jacket

I put it on and played happily


Beach extends over the pool

I walked with Yeonwoo at sunset

I was so happy

It's an age that's all amazing

These days it tastes good to carry around


Traditional beauty by the pool~

There is a restaurant with traditional lights

I have never used it

The atmosphere was really good

I think you can eat here



Danang Naman Retreat is a great kids club

It’s not very big, but there are many toys.

The teacher was also very kind.

Coloring, making flower earrings,

You had fun playing with folding confetti, so Yeonwoo followed.


I was very satisfied with my morning

First of all, the interior of the restaurant with the traditional beauty is so cool

The food was good too

There are a lot of gadgets and good good!


A high ceiling was attached to the back, which is common in central Vietnam.


Salad, fruit, yogurt, and various fresh fruit juices


Oh! It's half botlock

There are also dumplings made with tapioca starch and shrimp.

This is really good but nice to meet you +_+


Instantly cook eggs

Please boil the rice noodles

In addition, fried rice, fried noodles, and fish dishes

Stir-fried mushrooms, stir-fried gongsimchae, etc.

There were many menus that adhered to the mouth




Trying various tropical and fresh fruit juices

It is the happiness of traveling in Southeast Asia!


My love cafe Tsuada (Vietnamese Daldal condensed milk coffee)

I drank three glasses per person every morning.

He said he was traveling to Vietnam with this taste


The natural light + white + green interior of the Southeast Asian resort is the truth!!

I had a welcome drink in the lobby with a refreshing atmosphere.

I picked the program I wanted.

Please note that when checking in at the hotel

Be sure to specify the entire spa time first!

Because it is a very popular spa, it is difficult to use it unless you make a reservation in advance.

Every day is given a chance to receive it for free

If you can't use it without making a reservation, it's too bad~~

When checking in, it is recommended to reserve the spa in advance.


This is the room where I received the taste-rats

It's tidy, okay?

I'm honest, Danang.

I didn't know if the spa would be so good

It's more beautiful than I thought, and the service is high quality.

My father said he liked it, so

Well, we have to take turns taking care of Yeonwoo

I made an appointment with my dad about an hour and a half apart.

You don’t have to take it together.


After giving the warm tea after the first-ssa-rat


One last thing!

For guests staying in 3 bedroom pool villas only

I will introduce a private villa barbecue that you can apply for

This cannot be ordered in 1 and 2 bedrooms

You can apply for a fee at the 3-bedroom villa.

(I also had 3 bedrooms on the old day~~)

One chef and one server come directly to the villa

From barbecue consisting of various seafood + meat

Dress up appetizers, salads and desserts in a buffet style

It's not a joke from scale to food quality!!


The chef came directly to the villa yard

How about grilling a barbecue just for my family?

Hehe world luxury experience!


​There are a lot of different types of barbecue,

From basic chicken and beef skewers

Chicken Wing~~ Pork Skewers

Sweet potato skewers, grilled corn

Shrimp skewers, clams, mussels, squid and fish



There are many types and quantity

On the fly

It smells amazing from the smell of Kya



Chef of the 10th voyeur.

It's only for our family

It was really meaningful

Dad loves it so much

You took a million photos with your phone

I was proud of OMG!


Danang Naman Retreat BBQ Dinner

In addition to the instant food

It is more buffet-style inside.

Just eat as much as you want to eat!


Greek Salad

Chicken and cabbage salad

Shrimp and pork spring roll

Green Leaf Salad

Salads are like this


Cream caramel

쩨 (Vietnamese shaved ice?)

Chocolate mousse

Seasonal fruit

The dessert section is also fantastic


Instantly grilled buffet

Meat and seafood barbecue added

It's a perfect hansang

The family of 6 seems to be the amount that will remain even after eating abruptly!!


The sauce is also prepared in a variety of ways including lime, chilli, balsamic, lemon mustard, sweet and sour

Take a picture to suit your preference

Especially I only apply to one bed pool villa

Early Bird fares and discounts for reservations for 3 nights or more seem attractive.

If you book for 3 nights and rest well, it seems like you will be able to blow away the stress that has fallen on your shoulders.

Ah, after writing this review, I'm eager to fly back to myself

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