The world is dying and this is not my problem!

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At the Gardens by The Bay, we also visited the Cloud Forest Dome. This place is totally amazing and excellent to chill out and get some fresh air when it is hot outside. The ticket is cheap and the structure itself is worth it. We checked every corner of this dome.

Flower Dome has some nice statues.

When we reached the final room with a documentary, our bets were all set. There was a documentary about the future world, where they predicted what will happen in the next 100 years. However, forecast wasn’t so optimistic, and we bet who will leave the room first. My money was on the posh looking girl with sunglasses in the darkroom, who was dressed by the latest fashion musts. I was confident that she will live the cinema in the first two minutes. Ian was sure that the old guys in the front row will be the first to leave.


We both lost. Neither of us thought of those that just passed by to reach the exit. However, Ian was closer to winning than me. The old folks were there just for a couple of minutes. When the timetable was further than 10 years they just went out. Of course, that is not their business, they will probably not be there to witness if the predictions were right.

Facts are worrying

We can joke about the situation and try to look the other way. However, the changes are already here. Weather changes are severe and once in 100 years is something that repeats every year. Politics has always been full of empty promises when the wellbeing of the people was/is at stake. Individualism is stronger than ever. However, we all share the same home. Tesla hasn’t started populating Mars and there is no guaranteed future up there. We are where we are. The real question is what we will do about it. How to contribute to a better tomorrow as an individual? I avoid plastic as much as I can. The food on my plate will not be left there and later transformed into the garbage. Before I buy something, I think if I really need that or is it just a useless piece of junk that will occupy space of my home.



What can we all do? Change the settings in our minds. We shouldn't all things for granted and also change some priorities. We all want more and more SBD and BTC to buy some not important things. So, will you drink your Lambo or breath your SBD when it will be too late?

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