Rescuing a sleeping hobby.

in blog •  10 days ago 

On this lazy day (which was originally on the first Sunday of September), it was a perfect time to gather some longtime friends and revive one of our funniest hobbies: playing video games!


By the way, it had been a long time since I particularly played for so many hours and it reminded me of my childhood and a part of my teenage years. Hours of fun and a lot of fighting, memory enhancement, motor coordination and lots of conversation.

It was practically 10 uninterrupted hours playing various types of video games: sports, horror, suspense and adventure. Among the titles played (just to name a few): NBA 2K18, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Need For Speed and FIFA.

I confess I wasn't in top form, but my friends weren't either... So we were all in the same boat all the time (even though we were looking for excuses for our miserable failures), haha!

However, even more importantly, being able to update the path our lives have taken and knowing that our friendship even without such frequent meetings (either by distance or lack of time due to the daily rush) still remains the same it always has been.

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