Why are comments second class citizens?

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It frustrates me immensely that I have often read comments to posts, that are far more heartfelt, intelligent, and informative than the actual post itself.  I am not denigrating the original creators,  but once they do their work, they seem to move on.  Sometimes there is a post that inspires such a storm of reply and reply and reply, that the simple values of discourse, dialogue and conversation are like fireworks on the the 4th.   I can upvote the replies with my limited power, but I cannot re-steem or laudit the things that I personally find almost gut-renching in their pure humanity.  So I do this: thank you from the bottom of my heart, to all of you who actually seek human interaction and dialogue,  and allow valuable interaction to be of more importance than your opinion.  Be safe and be well. 


Sometimes I wish they make separate posts based on the replies. Sometimes I do that. But I'm a fast thinker. I start writing 100 words and end up with over 1000. So I don't post that often.Sometimes I wish I could dig through my comments and make a bunch posts out of them.

I appreciate peoples comments..i usually upvote all of them .. which brings me to why I'm here...I couldn't upvote your comment on my post.. so I upvoted your post instead..

You rock my friend/ Your reply means more to me than anything else. Be safe, be well.

little words, with deep meaning!

Great observation, which I share. Not sure the capacity for Steemit to evolve, but if there is the ability, this is a great area to consider. Best,

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