Crypto And Ads Can Mix

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Hey people of steem,

If you are wondering how people on sites like youtube make their money it is mostly from ads. I looked it up and apparently it is 2k for every 1 million views of ads. Now not all views are ad views so you will need to do more than a million for those numbers. But there is still a lot of money to be made if you can get the viewership by playing some ads. On Twitch it is the same but they also have tips and subscriptions of 5 dollars a month. They are both ways to support your favourite streamers.

Most of these systems have proven to work but they are not efficient. You need a lot of views to make good money. But they do work. And if you want to you can use them here. You can set up a tip section in your posts or put up ads whenever you want. There is nothing stopping you. You can even get sponsorship. People get stuck on the crypto only (which is more lucrative than ads and other methods) that they forget they can use their blog and videos the same way they would on another site. You can do what you do on other sites and get crypto on top of it.

That is one of the biggest pluses of this system. Crypto is a bonus. You want to build a blog you can make money on. Do it here and make crypto on top of it. Same with dtube and videos. It does not make sense to start fresh on a platform that does not offer you the rewards of a coin especially when you can get the same perks here if you make it big.

Just something to think about if you are trying to make a living as a blogger or content creator.


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Upvoted and resteemed. Have a good day :)

90% of the crypto ads ive seen are total garbage, worse than the "grow your dick 5 inches with this simple trick" shit.

It would be nice if there was a reasonable way to put a sidebar on my page or something. I really don't want to clutter up my posts with "buy my art!" "buy my books!" when it might get me a sale or three a year.


I would think just a link to a patreon page at the bottom of every post would work.