Whale Wars: Blogging Around Day 61: Copypasta Re-GrumpyCat Drama

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Hi Battle fans,
Today I bring to your attention this post.
It is quite epic in length, I must warn you.

Post is by: @jpederson96

He starts with ==========

Re Edit:
Thanks to @GrumpyCat, the censorship has ended.

So How did All This Start?

@jpederson96 contines ============
Michael announced in the #Alliance Discord that he would be creating a companion account to sneaky-ninja that would fight against @grumpycat theft. Obviously theft caught my attention so I DMed him asking about it and he basically said flagging + self voting = theft. I said the link was weak. After a bit, I mentioned in the server that I wanted to debate him over bid bots and he agreed.

Now, I will stop here. I hope I have posted enough for you to check out the original post here.

It doesn't have a lot of love so check it out.

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Thanks mate!


no problem :)

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