A full House & Happy Heart: A Bearded Man & Botanical Gifts

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Today I got to squeeze my son tight until his ribs cracked. It has been eight months since we last saw each other, which has felt like an eternity. The dogs were beside themselves with joy. We all were. As you can see from the photo Molly is happily guarding over her boy er .. bearded man who needed a little rest as he had the worst flight in the world (cheap tickets with Air Canada). I would have shown you his face but he is snoozing.


My mother in law flew in to surprise our son Kyle, who has flown in to surprise my parents. We'll taking a road trip to surprise them on the 15th. My dad hasn't been well and we can't settle until we've seen him with our own eyes and can hopefully get things moving on the right track.

Our lives are a bit chaotic right now but I am grateful to simply forget all of that and enjoy this moment. Tonight I have three of my favorite people all under one roof. We don't have a lot of sleeping quarters so we've set up a makeshift bedroom for him in the living room using our tent with a cushy air mattress and fireside view. Luxury camping.


I also got gifted some canisters from England that my mother in law found at Value Village. She paid $20 for the whole lot! The botanicals and Latin names have my heart swooning. She actually carried the big jar on the plane with her. It is gigantic and I think we'll use it to store our flour.
Rhododendrum Liliflorum (Lilly flowered Azalea), Dionaea Muscipula (Venus Fly Trap), Iridaceae Douglasiana (Iris) Cyclamen Repandum (Cyclamen).


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That's great that you are all together. Love the tent by the fire. :))

And those canisters! Wow! They are just lovely!


I am sitting waiting for him to WAKE UP! :) Different time zone, we are three hours ahead so I'll have to be patient.

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Family! 💓

The canisters are absolutely stunning... I love them so much! I love the "spaghetti" one, I would use it for holding my reusable straws!

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That is a great idea @thistle-rock. I haven't even put anything in the canisters yet. They are just sitting there looking pretty.

Oh my god those canisters!!! What a find!!! How nice she brought them on the plane!!!!

Ah, those feet. Was he impressed with the tent???

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I am so spoiled, she has such an eagle eye when it comes to bargains. He's slept two nights in it and said it is pretty comfy. When we get back he'll have a real bed so it's not for much longer. Ryan and I giggle at night because we can hear him every time he moves, and when Molly climbs in - there's a bit of a ruckus.

I'm so happy for you @walkerland! 8 months is a long time!
What a sweet mother in law to carry those canisters with her on the plane!
Have a fabulous road trip and I hope your father is feeling better soon!