Romanian Police gets Facebook raped

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Damn, that's a weird title but yes! You can get Facebook raped you know?


These days in Romania we've had quite a full "social media agenda" if you ask me and while Romanians are well known to be stuck to their FB interfaces, last week and this one were full of "social media studybook cases" so this time there were reasons for sticking to Facebook.

The facebook rape reason

It all started with this guy and his AUDI registered in Sweden.

Inquam Photos


Get him well into your heads because the guy is a genius of creating a viral story with political connections. I don't know where was he hiding in Sweden until now but I guess I'll be seeing him inside the PR offices of AUDI from now on.

What he did?

Muie PSD

Source - facebook

Well, shortly, he entered in Romania, legally, with that AUDI and the plates read "FUCK YOU PSD" (where "PSD" is the leading party right now, the left wing, with strong ties connected to the communist past). He was coming back home, as a lot of Romanians working abroad do during the summer, and he thought it would be nice to register that car with this Gipsy-Romanian expression which I'll break down so that you understand his game of words:

  1. "muie" is the Rromani word for "mouth"
  2. in our common past, we and the gipsies developed quite a common, underground speech which involves swearing... a lot; so based on their word for "mouth", together, we attributed a sexual/vulgar action to this word which basically means now "getting a blowjob"; the differences that can't be put in the English language about this is the fact that the action is about "giving it to someone", more or less in a forced, degrading way, while in English "giving", in this context, is about being at the receiving end
In a very short sentence, he expressed on those registration plates, what a big chunk of the Romanian people thinks about the leading party: FUCK YOU!

The Police let him pass the border. They asked for his documents, they checked and saw everything was alright and let him pass. It seems the car was registered legally in Sweden. He even bought the Road Tax vignette on those plates. He got stopped in traffic by other Police patrols all the other week and photos of him and his famous AUDI that reads "MUIEPSD" were pouring down on Facebook feeds. He became quite a star in my bubble (and I guess that also on the opposing party bubble he became famous but not in an admirative way).

During some of these Police checks, the guy even asked them if they want him to change them to the "second set" he had with him. Now I don't know how Sweden works in terms of these car plates but I guess you have some registration plates, the main ones, and then you can get "an avatar" like this guy did. Correct me if I'm wrong.

The fact was that because he passed the border, LEGALLY, with those "MUIEPSD" plates, he couldn't change them with anything else because he was already registered in Romania with those "trivial" ones. Each and every time Police patrols let him pass after checking him and the papers.

Until 2 days ago...

When probably an idiot in the Police's major ranks woke up with some idea after carefully thinking all night what could he use against this guy and stop him in his trips around the country. He got stopped in traffic, AGAIN, in Bucharest and after the regular check, they took the plates, told him it's illegal and took him to the station where his driver's licence was suspended AND he got a criminal prosecution. All of that THOUGH he was allowed to pass the borders.

The actual raping

Do you think Romanians were happy with that kind of behaviour from their Police? Apparently not because they went onto the official Facebook page of the Romanian Police and at this moment that I'm writing (not when the screenshot below was taken) it reads over 60.000 ratings of one (1) star. The majority also give reasons for this rating. In less than 48 hours their cleanly worked page, their technology jewel that they were barely learning its strings and even had a clear department of social media interaction hired for it, was reduced to rating ashes.


Do you think this is where it ended? It could've ended with the Police leaving the guy alone... his deed would've run out of fuel in maximum one week from now. But no! They really wanted to make him a martyr; so much that not even after receiving over 60.000 bad ratings from the taxpayers they didn't stop the mischief and foul play that the politically managed Chiefs of Police impose on the institution. No. They started reporting the accounts that were leaving bad ratings. At first, Facebook started shutting off a lot of accounts, some for minutes, some for more. Of course, later, when the "human hand" come to work at the Facebook server we belong to, they have seen that the ratings are all "human-based" so the abuse started to be corrected.

I was also expecting for my account to be suspected as I also placed a 1-star review over there. It didn't happen; still, somehow I would love to be disconnected from it and need to move totally to decentralised smart social media. Once the shift will start from actions like these, of some kind of "corporate socialism", the limits of the system as we know it may stretch in very interesting ways. I see a lot of censorship on Facebook these days. From individual journalists to normal people that dare to express an opinion. Among the cleaning they are involved in right now, there are also collateral victims while also leaving the door open for "censorship" requests from different entities.

The fact that on Facebook I can be "shut up" by a governing entity becomes very bothering. Apart from all the rewards system, I guess platforms like Steemit really pave the way for decentralised structures where information and real freedom of speech can be shared in a commonly-governed way. I like to imagine a day when I'll open my cell phone and browse the morning news on such a Smart Social Media Platform.

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