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Hey guys, back again! Listening to some artist radio/nirvana on iHeartRadio , drinking some, you guessed it, Labatt Ice, I made my super important appointment today, I took the 780 bus there and back. Yea government shit. So, I may have some work coming up, off the books motha Fkers lol, yea not much to do , I put my phone on do not disturb and started typing this blog post. If you haven’t already check out my post on achieving the top five spots on google for your chosen search term. Also check out my cryptocurrency market cycle theory post. Anyway I am geared up to start trading again, in fact I am already trading, and will be adding funds any day now ,probly tommorow, basic, $50 of funds, after buying my alcohol , yea I’m going 100% crypto/binance.
Also gonna order a nice amp in sept or if I can afford it this month. Acoustic Brand amp. They look nice, from musicians friend dot com. So , if your reading this, I thankyou, I turn to blogging when I’m drunk or in serious need of something to do, so it helps me a lot to blog. I also promote my posts to Facebook and twitter and Wordpress, and Instagram, and Mastodon, and wherever , friends, text, messenger, so let me go, there’s your post for the day, i will catch you all later!


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