RIP Abby 1997 - 2021

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I couple weeks ago I met this girl at my favorite bar named Abby. We hung out all night played pool and had a fun time and this week we had a date to go see Spider-Man: No Eay Home. However I just found she had passed away two days ago on 12/12/21 and I just feel completely awful even though we barely knew each other for about a month.

Is it bad that I feel awful because we had a date and I was looking forward to getting to know her better? I feel like it's selfish or something. I don't know how she died but I know it wasn't my fault or anyone else's. I feel so sad just because this person who I briefly knew is just gone and I'm not going to see her this Friday or ever again.

She was a very fun individual who loved playing pool, and she played expertly. She was a regulalr pool shark and she was very sweet and I'm glad I knew her while I did.

Loss is still loss, yes? I feel bad when anyone dies, I feel bad when harm comes to anyone. Everyone should be happy, content, and live a pain free life but that's not the reality we live in.

This has given me a lot of inspiration for Memories of A Mad Man Vol. 4 and one of the themes should be dealing with loss, and those personal, invading demons one struggles with while trying to forward in life. Grief.

RIP Abby Chiles 1997 - 2021

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