Random Photo #47

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This is a random photo project developed for all the forgotten photos and pictures saved on my phone for reasons I can't remember.


I second that street. My old stomping grounds, spent a ton of time on this street working, drinking, socializing, and living a really fun life. Sometimes I miss the old days but I am grateful for the moment.

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If you are fond of taking random pictures, the tendency is to forget some of the pictures to where it was taken, lol


i do forget quite often while searching through old photos

beauty of a day.

The random photography sometimes make schedule to create a better background if the celebration made as alternative

It's a cool street photo.

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thank you :)

I like this project. It's simple, but it has charm..


I like the simplicity of it as well, I was searching for something simple in the sea of confusion called steemit :)

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too cool for school

that's good, it can remember unforgettable memories.

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Very interesing


I don't click on strange links, so I can't help out my friend

Truly random,nice post buddy..

I would like to know that as well


baffling right?

im impressed . for a single pic with no intention got almost 188 votes
umm , so i need to get some random shots where ever i go to get some votes
LOL ! ; ) : 0


people like random I guess, go out and get yourself some randomness :)


it's better if you save your votes for other people since there is no money there...and let someone else upvote your comment...yea?

Snapped it really well but,
If you are fond of taking random pictures, the tendency is to forget some of the pictures to where it was taken, lol...
Thank you.


why are you taking the first comment and stealing it?

I have so many "what was I thinking" photos. I couldn't tell you why I have them, they are just there.


I don't click on strange links, sorry, they can be a trap and I am not willing to take the risk