Golden Touch Nostalgia #2

in blog •  11 months ago  (edited)

Dreaming of an Analog world..



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Have not seen this type of typewritter for a long time. If you still have it, it would maybe worth a lot as anwell antique.


ahahahaha true it's funny . . . , If anyone wants this movie Hotel transilvania 3 download link visit here.
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I still have it and will never sell it,
funny you should mention that, I paid top dollar for this and while I was watching the comments on this post I purchased another one on ebay for a great price, different color but I am happy to have one at home and one at work!

Woa! amazing that I have used one of those lol .... In a lifetime I have experienced many advances in technology.... Great, thanks for putting it in my mind!


I am glad to hear you got to experience the nostalgia first hand, technology has it's advantages for sure...analog has it's own soul and I certainly appreciate it. Follow for more like this, I am excited about his project and just purchased a second work of art I will be showing on my Nostalgia posts!

Plz cmmnt nd upvte my post

It's very old typewriter I think It's a heritage .


you might be right!



thanks for the edit, the hard keystrokes distracted my digital typing.


this is exactly the face I make when I struggle to hit the keys with my pinky!!

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so touching nice one mate

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It turns out you still keep the machine, although sometimes we feel upset when typing a letter that takes a long time to finish it. 😂😂

Give your dad my regards too :)


I will thank you 😊


For what?

@vladivostok This post is amazing.


yours or mine?

Seeing your post is refreshing @vladivostok! The last time I used a typewriter was when I was in middle school, but I'll never forget how the keys feel in my fingertips.


Thank you. When I was in typing class in school the typewriters were old but electric and fun to type on. This contraption is before my time and is a real challenge....especially the pinky!! Damn it's tough to use the A & F key...I often find myself cheating with my ring finger and I stop myself to build dexterity. I just bought another Golden Touch de luxe on ebay while posting this blog so I can have one at work and at home, I am pretty excited about the new Underwood and also this project. I do feel refreshed making these posts and certainly glad you feel the same way reading it.


You're up for a great investment @vladivostok. 😊


haha, I am really excited...maybe someday this post will pay for it!

analog world has gone by and now e have entered digital world and moving forward in the right direction , let see what will we see after digital world

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Old but still very much on the hype

Hello everyone, that good post, for a long time did not look a letter made in traditional typewriter, today there are those who even thought it is prehistory.. Thank you for sharing


So glad I got to show it to you and you enjoyed it 😊

hahahaha love it,nice!!

Flagged for not knowing how to use a keyboard.

Flagged for not stating that the missing 'y' is from the word 'typewriter'.


I did say it was missing ... it’s actually not missing on the typewriter, I forget to hit it. Appreciate you visiting my blog!

Nostalgia is what i am feeling after going through your post. It's been a long time since I had talked to Dad about my life. Sometimes I feel we both are on different roads and these roads seems to diverge more and more.


Same with me and my Dad, we have really never understood each other, we try but there are only a few things where we see eye to eye... I guess that’s better than none. Hope you and your dad’s roads can manage to merge

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