Confidence is the key.

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I have recently been watching “Reign”, a TV series and I am truly impresssed by this line said by the King in the series. I decided to draw out the deep meaning of the sentence to share it in my second account on Steemit- @moneyminded. But I think this content is more relevant here, that’s why writing here.

A king should be an excellent performer. He puts up a show daily to show his authority and courage. Even when he is not confident of his decisions; he believes himself, trusts his guts and make decisions with full confident. People trust the king and his decisions because he is reliable and faithful to its people.

Similarly in business, as a leader or a CEO, you have to be confident while taking decisions. Perform as you know what you are doing is correct, this way the trust of your people will build upon and they will have more faith in you.

I hope that makes some sense. What do you think? Comment your views below.

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